I started teaching in 2008 - developing the children's education programming at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. I sort of stumbled into this role, not fully realizing the journey I would embark on. Five years later, I've been teaching ever since and thoroughly enjoying it. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how powerful it was to let my students take on the role of educator.

In February I joined an impassioned team of makers at DIY in their mission to create a community for kids to learn through making and share what they’ve learned with their peers. Having relied on their resources to support my own students, I was already a big fan of the work they were doing, and eager to join. My role is to support DIY in the real world. I’ll be seeding and supporting real life DIY Clubs around the world, and creating resources for educators to utilize DIY in their classrooms.

I've already met some amazing educators around the world who are using DIY in their classroom, as well as parents supporting DIY Clubs and mentors sharing their skills with the youth in their community. Seeing the projects that kids are sharing through DIY has been incredibly inspirational. Kids are building, making, hacking, growing, and they’re learning so much through these experiences. I am so excited by the work I'll be doing at DIY, and look forward to seeing how these programs develop. Curious about starting a DIY Club? I’d love to hear from you.