Being a teaching artist is a lot like being a rockstar - traveling from venue to venue, performing for wild crowds. At times this it can be exhausting. But the satisfaction of being able to share your passion with curious minds quickly fuels you to get up and do it all over again. 

For a while I feared becoming an art-on-a-cart teacher, but before I knew it I had become an art-in-a-car teacher. I’ve come to realize that my nomadism has it’s perks. By traveling all over the Bay Area I quickly became familiar with my new city and it’s surroundings. I started finding quiet little spots to stop and collect my thoughts before heading into crazy classrooms. This picture was taken from inside my car just before heading into a school in Russian Hill. 

The audio in this post was captured shortly after the photo was taken. In the audio you can hear the sounds of excitement as I approach a classroom of some of my younger students (ages 2-4 years old). As I got closer their enthusiasm got a bit louder, and then a burst of squeals as the door opened. The novelty of the teaching artist is a fantastic tool to harness students’ attention, and it’s always a fabulous feeling to get such a warm welcome.